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Company Culture

Our company was created by a few young people who got together at a coffee shop. Thus, the culture of our company is also quite modern and is adapted to theyounger team we have. The average age of our employees is 22.5 years and we have a couple of people with good amount of experience and the rest of our team is very young, fresh and energetic.

Our founders decided to create this start-up because they felt the need to fax at odd hours and from odd places. They spent a lot of time in searching for fax machines instead of being able to do the more important work of a salesman, which is getting new business.

Thus, our company was born during a casual discussion and it turned serious, we were our first customers and hence our company has inbuilt empathy towards customers. Luckily there has never been a situation which our team has not faced and it has helped us in delighting many a customer.

To keep our team motivated we have a lot of fun and team building activities, every working day is fun for us. After all, there is no point in waking up in the morning without feeling that excitement in going to work.

We have very flexible working hours and people can work from home as well. This is to ensure that young mothers are able to cater to their kids and personal life is also as important as work. We also have strong internal policies towards harassment of any sort and any discrimination.

Though we are a start-up we have ensured that the best of policies is taken from multiple industry stalwarts and it has been mixed with the right blend of modern and youthful energy.

This is also one of the prime reasons why we have many people who have been working with us since the start of our company. If you have the right skill sets send in your resume and maybe we could add value to each other.

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